3 Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet: A Simple Explanation

benefits of the keto diet

If you’ve looked into diet trends, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of keto. Keto is the next big diet trend, but it’s not a fad. The keto diet is not the magic cure-all for every single disease on the planet, but it does a good job at being the potential healer of many horrible medical […]

Bow Ties For Men: A Beginner’s Guide to Bow Ties

bow tie guide for men

Bow ties can be intimidating. Most men are unsure when to wear a bow tie, how to tie a bow tie, and what type of bow tie to choose. If you’re one of those men, fear not. I’ll explain the different types of bow ties, how to tie a bow tie, and when it’s appropriate […]

Pellet Grills: How Do They Work?

how do pellet grills work?

Pellet grills are the most popular type of grill on the market today. Since the trend began, tender steak has never tasted so good. In addition to exceptional flavor, wood pellet grills are extremely easy to use. You can set the temperature and leave the grill for hours as it cooks. This guide will teach […]

Pocket Square Guide for Men

A pocket square is an essential suit accessory for any man trying to make a lasting impression. Paired with a tie, it provides a pop of color that accentuates your entire outfit. I recommend wearing a pocket square with any suit jacket or blazer, formal or casual. It’s a must-have accessory in your wardrobe. What […]

Best Golf Games to Play With Friends

best golf games to play with friends

If you want to spice things up a bit on the course, play a competitive golf game against friends. You can play for fun, bet drinks on the 19th hole, or set a healthy wager if you’re feeling confident. Either way, it will make you try harder and add an element of pressure to your […]

The Ultimate Men’s Watch Guide

mens watch guide

The invention of timekeeping was one of humanity’s greatest achievements. Eventually, clocks became wearable accessories known as watches. These timepieces have evolved over centuries, to the point where they now function as a mini-computer on our wrist. Today, traditional watches serve as a fashion accessory instead of a functional tool. Anyone can look at the […]

The Ultimate Men’s Underwear Guide

the ultimate men's underwear guide

Though underwear is a piece of clothing that doesn’t get much exposure, it’s important nonetheless. Not only is it important for comfort, but looking good in front of your lady as well. Wearing the right type of underwear can accentuate your desirable features, while wearing the wrong type of underwear can expose your flaws. It’s […]