How to Choose the Perfect Restaurant for a Date

How to Choose the Perfect Restaurant for a Date

Let’s face it, dating takes work. Even if you’re married, your wife still expects those special date nights to strengthen your relationship. Since the beginning of time (or restaurants), man has faced the monumental task of choosing a restaurant. It seems like it should be easy, yet it makes us want to tear our hair […]

5 Rules of Matching Your Watch to Your Outfit

5 rules of matching your watch to your outfit

There are rules to match your watch to your outfit. A men’s watch is a small part of your outfit, but arguably the most important accessory. Imagine attending a black-tie affair, looking fly in your tux, only to have your whole outfit ruined by lifting your sleeve and revealing a G-Shock watch. What would others […]

Video: How Your Shirt Should Fit

how your shirt should fit

As a grown man, your shirt needs to fit properly. Stitch Fix has a short, simple video that shows you how different types of shirts should fit on your body. About The Author Tommy Murata Edit profile As Founder of Handbook of Man, Tommy Murata helps men of all ages and backgrounds reach their full […]

How to Tell if She Likes You

In this video you’ll discover how to tell if someone actually likes you to avoid getting mixed signals. Check it out!

How to Light Charcoal

how to grill with charcoal

Save yourself time by learning how to properly light charcoal. Charcoal is a tried-and-true grilling method that offers a flavorful, smoky taste.

How to Change a Flat Tire

how to change a flat tire

Every man should know how to change a flat tire. According to studies, only ~70% of Americans know how to complete this vital task. Real men don’t call AAA to fix a flat tire, so do yourself a favor and learn how by reading below.

7 Best Types of Cufflinks

7 best types of cufflinks

The best types of cufflinks are those that are secure and accentuate the rest of your outfit. Cufflinks are traditionally used with shirts during formal events, but they can be used with any dress shirt in place of buttons.