Every athlete’s dream is to dunk a basketball. For many of us, that dream is way out of reach. Either we’re too short or can’t jump high enough, and nothing will ever change that. I can’t make you taller, but I can show you how to jump higher. This does take training, so be prepared to put in the hard work.

Jacob Hiller has a phenomenal program called The Jump Manual. If you follow his program, he guarantees an increase in your vertical leap. I’ve included some of his instructional videos with tips on how to jump higher.

If you’re serious about improving your jumping ability, I suggest you check out The Jump Manual now. He has an entire training course devoted to helping you reach your goal of jumping higher.

How to Jump Higher

Increasing your vertical instantly with form

Objectively attacking your nutrition strategy

How to increase hang time from a vertical jump

Which muscles to target in order to jump higher

How to measure your vertical with no device

Hopefully these instructional videos taught you what you need to know about jumping higher. These are just the basics — there is a lot more science-based training that goes into this. Don’t give up on your goal just because you weren’t born with natural leaping ability. Developing your body to jump higher is definitely possible. It’s not an overnight process, but with hard work and dedication, you’ll see results in no time.

Are you ready to jump higher? Do you want to increase your vertical leap now?

Yes, show me how The Jump Manual can add 10 inches to my vertical in just 12 weeks.

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