Hip flexors play a vital role in your overall flexibility. They are the bridge between your back, torso, and legs. Having strong hip flexors will improve posture, decrease joint pain, and increase mobility. The importance of stretching cannot be understated. Learn hip flexor exercises by watching the videos below.

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Hip Flexor Exercises

Before you begin, do a quick assessment of your overall flexibility. Stretch your hip flexors, touch your toes, and reach your hands to the sky. Do you feel tightness in your pelvis area? Is your stomach tight? Does your back hurt when you stretch? Make note of this, then compare to how you feel after you perform these hip flexor exercises.

Quick Tip to Relax Your Tight Hip Flexors

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Is chronic back pain an issue for you? Stretching your hip flexors benefits more than just your pelvis and thighs — it also has a positive impact on your back. Try this exercise to reduce back pain.

Reduce Back Pain with This Hip Flexor Stretch

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Hip Mobility & Flexibility Exercises for Athletes

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

How to Properly Foam Roll the Hip Flexors

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

The #1 Hip Mobility Stretch Mistake

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Do you go heavy on leg day? Be sure to properly stretch beforehand to avoid injury.

Do THIS Before You Squat

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

How does your body feel now compared to the way it felt before performing these exercises? If you have not yet done so, perform these stretches now to unlock your hip flexors. The benefits align perfectly with the benefits of yoga. You can even add it to the 7 exercises you can do at your desk. I promise you’ll notice a big improvement within a couple weeks. Happy stretching! 

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