The most annoying part of wearing a dress shirt is keeping it tucked in tightly to your pants. Tightening your belt helps, but inevitably your shirt will start to pop out and give you the appearance of having love handles. There’s also the classic drunk untuck, where your shirt creeps out more and more with each glass of wine you consume. Most of us have dealt with this throughout our lives.

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what is a shirt stay


what is a shirt stay

How Do I Keep My Dress Shirt Tucked In?

Believe it or not, there’s actually a solution to your problem. Shirt stays are an accessory used to keep your shirt in place. Think of shirt stays as suspenders that connect your shirt to your socks or legs. They are typically elastic bands with metal clips, but there are other variations as well. I’ll admit that it feels strange wearing these, but their utility is worth the awkwardness. Most guys don’t know or talk about shirt stays, so you might not have considered this option.

Types of Shirt Stays

Traditional Shirt Stay

Traditional shirt stays are what most people are familiar with. They’re elastic bands that connect the bottom of your shirt to your socks or shoes.

Three common styles are Original, Stirrup, and Y-Style.

Shirt Stay Plus is a well-known company that sells quality products.

World’s Best Shirt Stays from Shirt Stay Plus – Made in USA (Y-Style, Select Series)

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Shirt Stay Garters

Instead of connecting to your socks or feet, garters wrap elastic bands around your thighs.

A number of these products are available on Amazon from $8.99 – $39.99.

NV Holders: S-Holder

Kedofe – Garter Shirt Holder

Kedofe – Garter Shirt Holder

Mr. Shirt – Garter Shirt Stay

Shirt Stay Belt

Similar to a second belt, this is specially designed to keep your shirt in place. The belt wraps around your waist under your pants. It’s not as effective as the other options, but there or no clips to deal with.

A number of these products are available on Amazon from $8.99 – $39.99.

FLXUBAG – Adjustable Belt

There are a number of other options such as tabs, magnets, strapless suspenders, and shirt gripping underwear. Based on customer feedback, I wouldn’t recommend those products over the shirt stays discussed on this page.

Next, it’s crucial to have a well pressed collar. What are collar stays and how do I use them?

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